Taylor Swift Speak Now Tour PICTURES


Thx Danielle for pix! From Nicky: We got invited to the T-Party, and the room is really beautiful. We surely had our fairytale. Taylor is so sweet. She hugged us like we were family. We love her so much. Even more than before,

And we did not know that was possible. Her mother told us they loved Belgium, they think it’s really beautiful over here. & there is no paparazzi following every step they make over here :)

  • Helene

    Okay, now I’m mad at myself for not going yesterday!

  • Anonymous
  • Danielle

    YAY! my photos :”D

  • Anonymous

    i think taylor is a sweet, amazing singer, my favorite. She can sing whatever she can’t say, she’s a strong woman. She should make a tour in Latin America, everyone here loves her.

  • Anonymous

    Mar 9, 2011 @ 01:42 pm
    milenator said:
    does she tour like everyday?!

    Dude. It’s a WORLD tour. No she does not tour everyday.. she tour’s every 2 days.

  • TTFrutti

    I went to her concert yesterday in Oslo, Norway, and it was the best concert I’ve ever attended. I was stunned by her look, like she looked exact same like she did in pictures & it was breathtaking. Her singing was amazing & she is a hella performer. I was truly amazed by how good she was. I love Taylor Swift, but I was kinda doubting on how long her voice could stay good, but she performed and sang flawlessly during the entire show.
    She is AMAZING live.

  • Anna

    Went to the concert in Oslo yesterday, awesomeness!!!

  • Anonymous

    Makes me sad that she’s in countries so close to Sweden and won’t even come here :( Uhhh. Wish I could see her in Norway. But there’s always a next time. Taylor <3

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t you go to Norway? She probably doesn’t like Sweden because it’s too different for her culturally. Like not as prude.

  • Anonymous

    Aker brygge in Oslo

  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful! In that twitpic, she looks like a model. What place was she refering to in her tweet though? Where was she?

  • paparazzigirl

    Her tour kinda sucked. She didn’t sound that good live i was disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding me ? she was amazing live ! im not a huuuuge fan, but she was incredible live! her cd could have been recorded at a concert !

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  • Anonymous

    Why can’t you go to Norway? She probably doesn’t like Sweden because it’s too different for her culturally. Like not as prude.

    Norway and Sweden are almost the same. They are like brothers and sisters! So why would she not like Sweden, but like Norway?

  • peace0815

    maybe because the norwegian crowd is better than the swedish :D

  • Anonymous

    She probably doesnt know anything about norway. She’s a good christian and stays away from the sluts so she wouldnt go to sweden.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh sorry Im a different anon but Im obsessed with sweden!! Ive wanted to talk to a swede for so long! do you guys hate americans? be honest.

  • mels

    Ohh pompom dress…Taylor sorta annoys me sometimes, but I really love her sweetness and humbleness : ) I can appreciate her personality more than her music lol

  • Jane.in.Sane

    This really makes me wanna go to Europe…BADLY…

  • Anonymous

    WOW I totally missed the first word of the tweet, where she clearly states “Norway” haha my bad.

  • milenator

    does she tour like everyday?!

  • xSweetCandyxx

    Aww Taylor <333