Miranda Cosgrove PAPER PRETTY


Miranda Cosgrove featured in Paper Magazine: ‘Making iCarly is great, but I’ve just been doing it for such a long time, I love music & it was something I wanted to do but never thought I’d be able to. Then I got to do the theme song for iCarly and it did pretty well, and that opened a lot of doors. Record companies started to come to my parents and me for meetings. It all kind of just fell into place.’

  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful! I love her

  • Anonymous

    her personality is dead, she looks dead, her career is almost dead, shes going downhill so fast. shes looking more gross everythime i see her

  • _liesyoutold

    She looks sick dead in the pictures.

  • BIBer fiver

    actually she looks dead dead.

  • Anonymous

    and reduces the white powder!

  • tobbyhot

    She little bit resembles to MJ does she act in romantic movies but whatever she is looking pretty in that black dress..