Vanessa Hudgens Le Pain Quotiden Lovely


Vanessa Gudgens @ Le Pain Quotiden Restaurant in Studio City, CA. Vanessa followed Brittany Snow last night as she nearly fell over outside of BOA. Nessa wore a a leopard print maxi dress to help Brit celebrate her 25th birthday again. Photos: Limelight, PacificCoastNews.

  • Anonymous

    shes seriously so pretty i don’t get why people think zacs so much better then her shes one of the prettiest girls i think.

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  • TheOne

    That last pic: classic.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! She doesn’t even notice Brit is tripping? I hope she helped her up if she fell. What is up with Vanessa covering her face all the time??? boring…joker lip!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha Vanessa Gudgens ;DDD And the last pic… ;DDDD

  • Anonymous

    SO pretty

    I really like her

  • maybelove

    beautifuly mysterious.

  • Anonymous


  • Lupo.

    not a fan of of those big ass shorts

  • Anonymous

    lol at the last pic..
    sometimes she will wear the fugliest things ever but 95 percent of the time her outfits are gorg i want her closet

  • LovatoLove

    LMAO the last pic is hilarious.
    She’s gorgeous but I hate the high-rise shorts. ugh.

  • Anonymous

    today on tmz, harvey levin mention saying that she will have no problem dating* and we should’t feel sorry for her, why would we feel sorry for vanessa? because her and zac broke up*?

  • milenator

    mysteriously beautiful

  • Dougie

    She always looks sloppy to me. People say she’s hot but just nah, weird face and short stubby body

  • hithere

    LMFAO at last pic