• Anonymous

    I like her so much more than bella. I feel she is really appreciative and really does it because she loves it. Where I feel bella is just in it for the fame :/ and also bella trys to hard to become “the next miley” where zendaya just does her own thing. Hopefully she wil go far! <3

  • Anonymous

    SHAKE IT UP IS OVER?!?!?!??!!??!

  • Anonymous


  • taylorllama

    i love her! so sweet!
    and i think they mean last day of season 1.

  • Anonymous

    ugh you guys. She is talking about the pilot and how she was scared it wouldnt get picked up

  • Legally Brunette

    I like her better way, way more than Bella.

  • KBsuckers

    prefer her over Bella :/

  • thousandreasons

    she’s SOOOOO sweet! i like them both :)

  • thedarksunshine

    The whole time I just kept thinking about her and Bella in 3 years.. Will they still love working for Disney?

  • BglitterBBy2.0

    What a freaking cutie pie :)

  • Anonymous


  • idkMyBFFjill

    It’s always “we’re the next Hannah Montana” with these people…
    But I like her way more than Bella.

  • Anonymous

    Why is her last day? Did the show not get picked up for another season, or does she just mean the last day until the next season’s tapings starts? I feel like the show’s too popular with kids to not have gotten picked up for season 2.

  • Anonymous

    why do u guys like her more than bellla…jus wondering