The Smurfs TRAILER #2

  • Anonymous

    yes i love neil patrick harris!!!!!!!


    OMG They are so cute :’)

    And that cat Lmfao.

  • milenator

    why did OU post this LOL

  • Anonymous

    This looks bad

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • MuffinsAreEvil

    Neil Patrick Harris <3

  • joesgirlforver

    omg so cute. I want to see this. My 32 year old sister grew up watching the smurfs. she even has the smurfs figures and the mushroom house. in the movies the smurfs look just like do in the cartoon. this is going to be so awesome and cute.

  • Noo_Idea

    how cute :)

  • iheartgreen17

    Yay! I <3 Neil Patrick Harris!