Victoria Justice Beggin’ On Your Knees

  • Lolie

    Yeah, i’m one of those who thinks she does look like Nina Dobrev! (but i think Nina is a little bit prettier… ) but i love both of them ^^

    anyway, the song is good, it kinda reminds me all the other Victorious songs, and i’m kinda sad about that: all the songs have the same rhythm… :/

  • Didi

    ONE DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I love this song and love the beginning and the end the most. Go Victoria you rock!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I watched the video. Song is kind of stupid. I get the message but it just wasn’t an amazing song. Freak the Freak Out was way better. Maybe she needs an new inspiration or something. One thing I did note is that she talks a lot in her songs. Then her back-up vocals sing with her. I guess I just want to see a different side of her. She obviously has talent but in this song, you can’t see it as much.

  • VJ_Fan

    LOVE this song Victoria!!!! The Video is so cute!!
    AND she looks gorgeous!!

  • Anonymous

    she actually has a really good deep and smooth tone to her voice.

    nick> disney all dayyy

  • Anonymous

    sorry but she can’t sing. too deep… i don’t like it

  • JustinBieberWarrior

    she looked better when she was wearing less makeup in this.

  • Anonymous

    woot there’s my buddy Jordan Nichols!

  • Anonymous

    that’s the problem with being on nickelodeon
    they don’t have good songwriters..

  • Anonymous

    I was a bit disappointed because Jade wasn’t in the video a lot .. I saw her in only couple of scenes.

  • Anonymous

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  • milenator


  • blabla

    love her :)
    I never agreed that she TOTALLY looks like nina dobrev, but on some scenes she did look like her in this video xD

  • Anonymous

    I love this song.

  • Anonymous

    victoria can actually sing really good. if you see some of her youtube videos she’s playing the piano and singing. her voice is reallly deep and strong i love it.
    shes actuallly really talented,and gorgeous :]

  • Anonymous

    i dont like it

  • Anonymous

    ehh…the song is bad, the video is boring…I didn’t even bother to watch the whole thing, it bored the hell out of me, such a shame cause she is actually a good singer…

  • Anonymous

    Omg I LOVE this song! and HER! :D

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