Jasmine Villegas NATURAL Music Video

  • Anonymous

    ewwww she horribale i hate her fuck u jasmine

  • JasmineVillegasIsAnnoyinq

    i fukin hate her my friendss thouqht she was black lol haaa lol she cant sing at all hope she diess and she thinks she pretty when she not all my friendss says that she pretty uqly

  • Anonymous

    OMB! I have that dress(: the song was good but am not a big fan of hers.

  • Anonymous

    she touches her chest to much…

  • Anonymous

    think before you say mean things about some one cause it really hurts
    btw i think jasmine is gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    jasmine villegas, you are beautiful and this song is amazing all them ppl hating are stupid their just jealous i mean wasting your time writing hating comments oh really? real mature, anyways love you jasmine. <33

  • JustinBieberWarrior

    jessica jarrell tweeted that she hates when her jarrellrangers insult jasmine. she was annoyed because someone was saying “choose between them, who’s better” jessica and jasmine are close friends so their fans need to stop hating the other one. plus, they’re both beautiful, talented and sweet girls.

  • YouGoGlenCoco

    Why does everybody use “q” as the letter “g” I hate that so much!

  • ? KuRd ?

    DAMMNN.. she got some HATERS on here!! can someone explain to me why you all hate her so much?? OMG.. i mean shes not the best singer ever but shes not bad and shes very pretty. do u guys not like her cause of the whole justin beiber thing?? some one please EXPLAIN??

  • Anonymous

    she’s making a makeup tutorial tmro !

  • Anonymous

    beautifull < 3

  • Anonymous

    when you guys say “this video sucks” your not insulting her YOUR INSULTING ALFREDO the guy who directed this video.

  • Anonymous

    sorry but im not a fan but this video is kay and i have to aqree she not that pretty and no im not jelouse my friends says i look like her uqhh no wayy im prettier then her dont hate so f u jasmine

  • Anonymous

    I love how the whole video is talking about a kiss being natural..and then there is literally NEVER a kiss throughout the whole thing lol.

  • Laura

    She’s sooo beautiful and talented .
    Love her .

  • Anonymous

    she a whore i fuckin hate her she gets on my nervouse

  • TheJessicaJarrellCrew

    Eww Thiss Video Suckz Biq Timee She Cant Sinq At ALL

  • OhMyJarrell

    Haaaa Wow I Hate Her She Juss Wanna Be Rebecca Black Could Sinq So Muchh And Iht Looks Likee She Lip Sinqin Huh I HATE HER Uqhhh (;

  • Anonymous

    i love jasmine… so what if she isnt the best singer, neither is justin. the song is catchy and she’s beautiful. prettier than jessica jarrell, sory but its the truth jarrell rangers stop hatin on her, you’re just annoyed jasmine has more followers and more views than she does. and i bet all the jarrellrangers are the same person. why are you hating on her? jasmine fans dont hate on jessica.

  • ITeamBieber

    Sorry But She CANT Sing She Soo Dammmmm Concieded All Her Sonqss Are Bout Her :0

  • Sara Rósalind

    she is so beautiful and pepole who say she not is obviously jelly ;);)

  • Jasminator4LifeJamino

    I love her!! And why are you hatin on her?/ she is amazing. Probably better than u!!! So stf! And jasmine ; they are only haters! Jamino(: <3

  • iLoVeJeSsIcAjArReLl

    sorry but i dont think she can sing this song suckz

  • Anonymous

    ya’ll really need to stop hating on her and all the others who are trying to live their dream. she’s just a normal teenage girl who is living her dream ! how would you feel if you were someone famous reading all these rude comments?! if you have nothing better to say keep it to yourself. whoever says that Jasmine has no talent then idk what ya’ll are seeing, have ya’ll seen her video when she was 11?! watch them and you tell me if this girl has no talent.
    she’s a beautiful and talented girl. just admit it, half the reason of why ya’ll are hating on her is bcus that whole things about her and justin kissing.
    & wait, if you’re not a fan of her why do ya’ll even bother to watch this video?

    btw this only goes out to her haters

    k. i’m done here.

  • Anonymous

    taylor swifts songs are boring, this song is more fun! by the way, the guy in the video is her real boyfriend. it’s nice to see that she got over justin too, cuz he surely did! and her bf is pretty hot too.

  • IHateJasmineVillegas

    I Agree She Can`t Sing I Hate Her So Muchhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JustinBieberWarrior

    i love her :) but i don’t like her boyfriend he just annoys me.. though they look qt together.

  • marissababyxo

    It was good. Way better than that awful ‘All these boys’ shit.

  • jamonae1

    Must say I agree with the latter part of that statement.

  • clipsedsm95

    she is really cute but not into the song really

  • Anonymous


  • ? KuRd ?

    Young Jinsu!!

  • crazybeautifulLife

    i hate that bitch.

  • Anonymous


  • RespectfulUnicornPrincess

    It was cute :) The song is sweet.

  • _liesyoutold

    So now she’s trying to be Taylor Swift. k.

  • Anonymous

    she’s amazing