Rebecca Black Friday COVER By Tucker

  • walkinthehope

    They are awesome!!!! check out!!

  • Anonymous

    i love them so much <3

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the shirt! and they actually sound good!

  • MARK

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  • KBsuckers

    much better than Rebecca :D

  • Anonymous

    i love how he is wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt hahaha

  • Anonymous

    JB SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    the guy with the guitar is wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt ;D

  • Anonymous


  • ilogejobros

    you guys make it worth watching :D :D

  • Anonymous

    this is better then the orginal xoxoxox

  • TheOne

    LMAO at the guy wearing a JB shirt.

    they sounded great; much better than Rebecca Black anyway.

  • diana B


  • diana B

    omg it sounds awesome, it doesn’t even look like the same song!!
    great job
    the beginning hilarious