Nick Jonas Worth 82 Million Danish Kroner


Nick Jonas mentioned in Danish magazine Kig Ind. From @SparklingDemi: The article says: ‘Money: 82 million Danish kroner. If you are fast the Disney star and singer Nick Jonas (and his bank account) can still be yours. CDs, concerts and a bunch of Disney films and shows have given Nick an impressing sum on 82.000.000 kr. He goes after a good smile and does, by the way, believe in love at first sight, so you need to brush your teeth and find the 18 year old world star fast!’

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  • Fan 4 ever

    14.5 Million USD

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think anyone should like a person for how much money they make. You should like the person for who they are not how much they make. Always and Forever.

  • MARK

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  • Anonymous

    Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers have too much money on their hands and they’re only what 20 something? I am already in my late 20’s and I only have a thousand dollars in my bank account

  • LHP

    I’m from Denmark, and that is so cool… It one of the first time I have seen things from Denmark on Ocean up… So cool..

  • omgitsnickjonas

    May i buy him now?
    you know…
    so he can be my property?
    that would be lovely.

    You can’t put a price on Nick Jonas…..
    But thanks for telling me how much he cost. oceanup. My life if now complete.

  • Anonymous

    The Jonas Brothers were listed in the Forbes Top 100 for the last two years. Last year they netted about 64 mil with their tour, endorsements, album sales, Jonas Group (which manages several artists, including Demi Lovato) TV show etc. That’s pretty impressive.

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    How much is that in DOLLARS? Because dammit is there Google currency translate?

  • Anonymous

    about 15 mil. nick j is worth that much. i think he should have more in his band b/c in 07 they made 12 million and that wasn’t even when they were real big

  • Anonymous

    Samantha has a perfect smile maybe he fell in love with her

  • Ziegler

    Haha okay, i’m from Denmark. And that was kind of funny to see that :b

  • WakaWakaEhEh

    I don’t get it..

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  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    thank you oceanup for informing me of the danish currency. i’ll sleep so much better now i know this

  • Anonymous

    My man

  • LondonFoolishly

    Disney star and singer Nick Jonas (and his bank account) can still be yours.

    Oh so OU’s a gold digger, I see how it is.. ;)

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    He looks sexy in that picture.

  • Anonymous

    I come from Denmark. Awesome.

  • w

    Slow day. At least we now know the currency of Denmark.