From @youcraveangie: today after school friends of mine went to see selena gomez at the seven we know where the celebrities enter and leave the building when selena entered she only stopped for ONE fan everyone was disappointed still we waited for her exit when she LEFT the building she took the time to take pix w EVERYONE she is SO sweet in person and one girl in the crowd had a JUSTIN BIEBER camera case and she pointed to it and said i like your case.

  • Anonymous

    lol i like ur case

  • MARK

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  • xxkariixx

    this was an epic day i was the girl who asked her what was her weirdest habit. i almost cried when they picked my question

  • Anonymous

    omg why is it that ive seen her everywhere i go today?! tv, magazines, now this. damn :/

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lol whos hiding behind her in the second pic? justin?

  • mels

    The guy that asked her to go to prom is the guy that had a picture with Miley not too long ago