Zac Efron surfing on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. Photos: WENN.

  • aussiedanie

    errrmmm … this was taken last year. LATE MUCH?

  • Anonymous

    This was last year….

  • Anonymous

    that’s fine, this is totally from like a year ago.

  • Anonymous

    he looks younger now

  • Anonymous

    wth OU. these pictures are from Feb 2010

  • Anonymous

    This was like, months ago…

  • Anonymous

    doodadoo oceanup good job using a picture from last year! he isnt even in Australia right now!!!

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  • Anonymous

    isnt this old???

  • Anonymous

    this was from like a year ago?

  • amtfan

    these are from last year..

  • Anonymous


  • milenator

    arent these pictures old??????

  • twycgnb

    old…new…either way, he’s so hot

  • milenator

    this was like last years news?

  • zacishotttt

    OH BABY!

  • Anonymous

    amen to that!

  • BBV

    C’mon OU.. if you don’t have new news .. let it aloneee. :P

    But, omg.. nomnomnomnom.

  • Anonymous

    Why are these posted? They are from last year.

  • Katie13

    This was like last year? O.o