• Anonymous

    hahahaahaha #epic

  • Anonymous

    lol, I love The Big Bang Theory too! Great taste, Nick ;)

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  • 4ever

    He likes big bang coz miley was in big bang video…..muwahahahhhaha

  • Anonymous

    random question: do you guys think nick will find a girl that will wait for him?

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  • Anonymous

    good 2 kno

  • Anonymous

    10 comments? sounds about right


  • Anonymous

    And for the record, he used to look way cuter. I’m not digging this short haircut.

  • CupcakezLover

    I LOVE Big Bang Theory. Bazinga. ;)

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    i love that show too <3

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    well haha i think we all know why he likes the big bang theory!!

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  • Anonymous

    he always surprise me with something weird! LOL

  • Llroxs


  • Just Me :)

    Awwww me too I love Shelly :)

  • Anonymous

    bahaha i LOVE big bang theory too… maybe we could be friends mr. nicholas jonas

  • Anonymous

    I love BING BANG THEORY!!!

  • jobroslover

    He looks so hot here!!

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