Noah Cyrus, ‘My Miso Soup Burnt Me!’


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    How is SHE famous?! Seriously. -_-

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    I would never ever let my 11 year old daughter drink coffee and especially nothing that contains quite an huge amount of caffeine! No wonder this family is getting out of control. I’m not blaming Noah, I’m blaming her parents and (also a bit Miley) for being such bad role models.

    – drinks coffee
    – wears make- up
    – no comment on her outfits D:
    – dyes her hair quite often
    – no good behaviour at all
    – the videos she puts on youtube are just wrong! she puts herself out there way too much!

    She is just an 11 year-old child, but please let her have a normal childhood like any other kid. One day she will blame them all! No privacy, nothing! …

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    i care!

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    i would NEVER let my 11 years old daughter drink coffee –‘

  • Noo_Idea

    poor baby

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    people are so dumb. Most sodas have more caffeine in them than coffee, yet people think coffee is bad for you becaue it has caffeine. In fact most studies show that coffee is acutally healthy if you drink like one cup a day.

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    Wo, she actulaly looks like an 11 year old here.

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    No body cares about your burn, Noah.

  • Tweetfreak

    my 10 years old cousin is obsessed with coffee just because I am.
    so that’s normal for Noah, her idol is Miley and miley has the same level of addiction that I have lol

  • Nadz___

    Yeah guys I’m eleven and I drink coffee sometimes but not often, I don’t see anything wrong with Noah drinking coffee!!
    I don’t drink any sodas or anything because my parents don’t allow me, candy either. I don’t mind though!!!

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  • coolkinda

    Shes like 10 and shes drinking coffee? wow -_-