Cimorelli COMING HOME Mashup

  • Anonymous

    i love them

  • Meeh

    Lauren IS hot and so are the others.They did AMAZING like always.K3U Cimorelli – meeh

  • Anonymous

    this just came out a couple of days ago and i’ve already watched it atleast 25 times!!
    they’re amazing!!

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  • BeautifulLie.

    They’re amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Cimorelli has real talent. And Lauren is so hot!

  • Anonymous

    they’re amazing…
    and i loved how they put Miley’s Stay in it :)

  • Anonymous

    OceanUp pretty much discovered Cimorelli. Now, they got signed by Universal and are making an album with people like The Dream. I predict they will be the biggest YouTube discovery since Bieber.

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