Emily Osment ‘The Bday That Never Ends!’


CAMBIO interviews under!

  • Runaways11

    Amen brother!

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  • Anonymous

    vinyl is sooo much better than anything else

  • Anonymous

    can u honestly say that you can have that much fun buying records on itunes
    i say no!
    itunes took the fun out of it and its gonna make everyone fat and lazy because theyll be on the computer all day instead of gettin out the house and brouseing through the record store
    plus mp3s sound naff!

  • Anonymous

    Yes she is :) & I got one of those too! They’re actually pretty decent.

  • Ashe Cyrus Jonas

    luv her

  • Anonymous

    She got a tite ass

  • TheOne

    Shes actually really pretty.
    never really noticed it before.

  • Anonymous

    I have that record player. It’s awesome. It looks like a suit case :D

  • Emma

    I love her :)

  • Runaways111

    Omg i thought i was the only one.Im 14 and i wanted a record player for christmas.:) i got it :D

  • Anonymous

    she needs to eat some damn food! I wonder if she has a eating disorder too like Demi :p

  • milenator

    that’s a really cool present