Taylor Swift, in a cute floral print dress, leaving MTV Studios. Later, Taylor was spotted leaving the BBC Maida Vale studios London, England. Photos: WENN, PacificCoastNews.

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  • Eva witson

    Oh yes!!! She is pretty cool and gorgeous. I like her a lot. When I saw her first time then I became it’s fan.

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  • Anonymous

    She’s so boring! And she’s dressing like an old lady! I just want to shake her very strongly everytime I see pictures of her!

  • Anonymous

    Does taylor swift knows were is her waist? I feel like she always wears dresses that are too small for her.

  • katerbai

    luking gorgeous really. is she doing any act in coming movies.

  • BeautifulLie.

    She’s so cute!

  • mollietaylorxx

    omg omg her concert in ireland is this sunday i cant wait she is so pretty and a great role model and an amazing singer i love u taylor !!!!!!!11

  • Anonymous

    You are lucky. My friend told me 10 seconds had not passed and tickets were sold out in our city.

  • Jake

    I love Taylor Swift she is the most amazing person in the whole world. Talented, beautiful, funny, nice… and I’d fuck her sooo hard bhahaha

  • LondonFoolishly

    Eee, Im seeing her tomorrow night woooo :)

  • Danger-ous

    I’m pretty sure we buried my grandmother in that same outfit.

  • asmoothcriminal

    She dresses like my Grandma.

  • Anonymous

    This I will agree with. I never agree with grandma statements!

    There are a few girls that can wear this dress and make it seem they are dressing their age I would guess. Taylor looks good in the dress, yes, and it fits, but it just makes her seem like she’s picking dresses she “should” be wanting in like 50 years because of her looks. IDK if that makes sense.

  • _WithJBForever_

    So cute! (L)

  • Anonymous

    shes seems nice and stuff. But somethign about her just bothers me…

  • xSweetCandyxx

    Cute <333