Taylor Swift Extends SPEAK NOW TOUR


New Taylor Swift 2011 TOUR DATES under!

September 20 Bossier City, Louisiana

October 14 Lubbock, Texas

October 15 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

October 20 San Diego, California

October 21 & 22 Phoenix, Arizona

October 25 San Antonio, Texas

October 26 Austin, Texas

October 30 Memphis, Tennessee

November 5 Houston, Texas

November 12 Tampa, Florida

November 13 Miami, Florida

November 17 Raleigh, North Carolina

November 18 Columbia, SC

November 21 & 22 New York, NY

  • Anonymous

    I hope Taylor comes to Scotland!xx
    She’s the best <3.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    argentina ????????

  • ObsessedSwift13

    Attended the most amazing concert of my life time, Spoke Now on that day! (‘: Taylor was really sweet and stunning. ?

  • Crystal

    Yesss! She’s coming back 2 raleigh! So excited! Hope me and my boyfriend get a chance 2 go…we are going 2 see Katy perry on june 14th! Saw Taylor last year and wow! BEST NITE EVERRRRR!

  • theheartneverlies

    She will never come to Buenos Aires, Argentina :(

  • Psych-o.

    What’s up with her dress? Haha. I like her music but I’d only go to a concert of this tour to see her opening act Needtobreathe :) But I’m seeing that band in concert in April.

  • Anonymous
  • Snookiismybitch

    I am soo upset she sold out 2 concerts where i live:( But inleast i get to go to Rihanna and Katy Perry this summer!:)

  • joesgirlforver

    Taylor why San Diego? I mean Southern California already has 4 concerts and now they have 5. I know Northern California has 3 shows but why can’t you play a 2nd Sacramento show. I mean you have 4 La shows and 2 San Jose show why not another Sacramento show. I live to almost 3 hours from San Jose and that is without traffic. And La is 6hrs and San Diego is 7 or 8hrs. Please play another Sacramento show I really want to go. I wish it didn’t seel out so quick. :(

  • denise

    Please im a singer… helpe me make my dream true!

    Denise Rosenthal Single 2011 “Men”

  • Anonymous

    Because San Diego > Northern California

  • Anonymous

    Im Denise this is my new single … help me make my dreams come true!!!

    Denise Rosenthal Single 2011 “Men”

  • AussieSwifty

    I hope she brings her speak now tour down under!! Australia would love to have her back <3

  • taylorsromeo

    Haha youre welcome, oceanup. WOOHOO SAN DIEGOO!

  • Louise

    come to scotland!!!

  • ioana

    lucky for the u.s.
    unfortunately, i think taylor would never come to romania.:'( even she has a lot of fans here.:|

  • Anonymous


  • copymonster

    luckyy. she’s pretty epic.

  • @majups_

    it’s so unfair that she’s going to so many places in the US and is not coming to Brazil ): i rly love her <3

  • Anonymous


  • l0v3x0

    good for america I guess.

  • Ashe Cyrus Jonas

    and she still not comming to latin america :(

  • Anonymous

    You guys, don’t feel bad. She’s not coming to plenty of places in the states. Might as well be we live in Paraguay or whatever because there is a lot of distance between where some people live and where she is performing. With gas prices here, you wouldn’t be able to go if she was performing 100 miles away.

  • Anonymous


  • Xx_LoveMiley_xX

    I want ALL Miley Cyrus Tour’s dates, too!!!! >.<

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Still not even close to me :( I love Taylor but I guess I’m not going to be able to see her. Oh well I’ll cross my fingers for Miley

  • itsjustme

    Im traveling 8 hours to see her when i could have waited and actually only travel 2 hours. But its okaay, i know im still going to have an amazing time even if i was anywhere else!!!!!!! :D