Very Happy 23rd Birthday Brenda Song!


  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday Brenda!!!
    I love you so much :x

  • JoeHoe15

    happy birthday Brenda! ^^

  • clipsedsm95

    HBD brenda =] … nd sheesh weres the love 4her only 11 comments :/

  • GUCCI sale

    how large her earring is! but are they too heavy???,,hahahah.

  • oliviacage

    Happy Birthday Brenda <3!!
    I really like her, I saw her first time in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody show. She was looking very nice in that time.

  • Anonymous


  • Alabora

    Thanks Admin Very Nice…

  • sunny

    i love her and she’s so pretty :)

  • Vessy

    Happy Birthday Brenda :):):)

  • Josh

    One of the worst actress of this time… as bad as Fran Drescher…

  • Anonymous

    I love her! Happy Birthday Brenda! :D

  • Snookiismybitch

    Happy birthday Brenda:)

  • wndy

    Happy Birthday unnie.

  • dreamling
  • maybelove

    Is she egyptian now?

  • whatthefudge


  • HarryFreakinPotter

    happy birthday!

  • CupcakezLover

    Happy birthday Brenda! ♥

  • nelena11

    just seems to me as if last week was her 22nd D: