• Anonymous

    I love Chris Brown!!! But I expected sooo much moree

  • KBsuckers

    chris brown :D

  • Anonymous

    Wow.. That is a show!

  • nownlaterz

    Great performance :)

  • limelighter

    The performances were really good. I know the dancing would have made it extremely hard and would made him sound out of breath, but I could have done without some of the lip-syncing. Lip-syncing, to me, makes some parts not seem as emotional as they’d normally be.

  • Sunshine n Lolipops

    I saw it live, he was great and a real talented performer. I’ll stick with my original PR feedback, they should reintroduce Chris Brown through entertainment shows, and not news interviews. If they really want the masses to re-accept him, it only hurts him to speak + perform. And dude could use some consistent therapy to deal with his emotions.

  • Anonymous

    can anyone else tell that he is lip synching? and wasnt his hair like blonde a wk ago? hes a good dancer tho :)

  • Anonymous

    this guy is MORE TALENTED than all the P U SS I ES you stan for on this website….haha disney stars..pshh

  • Anonymous

    he’s lip syncing. omg