Big Time Rush BOYRIEND Acoustic

  • Anonymous

    i love them so freakin much, i’m james’ biggest fan. i listened to it when they did it live & i can’t stop. i loooove it<3 they are all so funny! you guys need to see all the interviews they do they are seriously so funny i like pee my pants :) hahahaha.

  • Anonymous

    wow they sing amazing :)

  • meganpooran

    I think they’re amazing! And I really do hope they last, I love them! And Yes I agree I wish Logan and Carlos had more solos.

  • nick domer

    They ACTUALLY have a good voice.

  • Entertainmentlove

    they ar getting big now

  • Anonymous

    They won’t last long because they’ve already had problems with arguing. Apparently a big head or two in the group. It’s tough when you are just put together. The band was created for a TV show. It wasn’t a band of buddies that auditioned.

  • Anonymous

    uh, how dare you. you OBVIOUSLY don’t know them. they have to be with each other 7 days a week, plus tour & share a bus together, of course they’re best friends. they joke around A LOT. they fight a little bit, but they get over it so quickly. & none of them have big heads. they are all so down to earth & so sweet. you have no idea what you’re talking about.

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  • Anonymous

    First ?!!!

  • Anonymous

    yeahh first !!!! well… now second haha i love BTR =D

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  • BBV

    I wish they’d give Logan and Carlos more solos.

  • BurninUpWithOJD

    James <3

  • xFireBomb

    Their vocal talent is really underrated. Their probably the best harmonizers I’ve seen in a while.