Taylor On Winning Entertainer Of The Year

  • SpanishLullaby

    Taylor <3

  • LucyWhite

    I whip ma hair back n forth!
    I whip ma hair back n forth!


  • BrownEyedGirl

    Thats cool.

  • Anonymous

    aww good for her. she really deserves it. she wrote her album by herself and in my opinion the lyrics are both deep but still cute. she works very hard and is so humble too.

    and can i just say I LOVE JAY LENO! this man is such a gentleman. he interacts the same with all his guests, regardless of their age, looks, status, etc. he’s an awesome talk show host

  • Taylor Swift

    Thanks for the support everyone!

  • Lyns866

    God, I just love her…she’s so sweet!:D btw, I made a twitter account, @Linaabel, if you follow me I’ll follow right back