Vanessa Hudgens Black See Through Sexy


Vanessa Hudgens, looked extremely sexy, wearing a black see through top with a cute black and pink bra underneath, while out shopping in West Hollywood, CA April 6. Josh Hutcherson is so lucky to have her now! Photos: Fame, Limelight.

  • Anonymous


  • Wtfx

    Could she stop being a skank for like 5 seconds!

  • diva752

    i hate you, and im not joking

  • Anonymous


  • milenator

    I wanted to see more

    but yeah we’ve seen more already thru those pix

    anyway IA she’s sexy

  • ilovepeacock

    Itty Bitty Titty.

  • ilovepeacock


  • UKnowULuvMe

    Ummm…I don’t think that was intentional. ha ha :)

  • Anonymous


  • peacelovehearts

    Josh Hutcherson is so lucky to have her now!

    My myspace buddy? O_o

  • Anonymous


  • girlleader1

    um.. thats definitely not sexy. try skanky. but hey, i give her credit for wearing a bra in the first place cuz she seems to forget it like 80% of the time :P

  • Anonymous

    lol i’m pretty sure it’s the bright flash, that why you can see. Lol at that comment about Josh. I’m still thinking they’re just friends

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