Cameron Quiseng BIRTHDAY CAKE


A fan gave it to him @ a party. Thx Melissa!

  • Anonymous

    I Love this!!! :)
    he is Soooo Amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Have you heard the buzz? is best known for our huge selection of Party Dresses under $100. From everyday casual to prom.

  • Anonymous

    whoa is he really 21? He looks like 16!

  • Demiandmileylove

    They have a lot publicity because there hanging out with Selena , or am i only noticing that ?!

  • camaron

    who is cameron

  • Anonymous

    its Quiseng! not quiNseng… you spell it wrong every time hahaha

  • gabby

    :o what party? Haha I wish I couldve celebrated with them.

    And no, they’ve had very dedicated fans, before selena stepped into the picture. And even if people are noticing because of selena, its not much because people don’t like to give new bands a listen because every new band is a wannabe. If you took the time out to listen to these boys, they’re pretty amazing and they’re really sweet.

    I didn’t even know they went on tour with selena way back when. So again, no that’s not completely true.

  • Anonymous

    Now with Selena in the picture and always being said she’s dating Cam or whoever the guy is, they can’t even eat a cake from a fan because more than likely they poisoned it to try to kill him “for having sex with Selena” and all that made up shit. Yes they have the best fans but as of late they now have the worst enemies.

  • TheOne

    “Nobody gives a damn about the day that you were BORN!”

  • Anonymous

    Spelled his last name wrong!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he looks like a pig

  • ADarkLandIsSomewhereIBelong

    Awe, Happy belated B-Day Cammie ♥