Jasmine Villegas JEALOUS Vid Preview

  • Anonymous

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  • Jasminator

    I love her , shes awesome . She beautiful , I love her songs and it can relate to me , Idgaf about you haters you can just go sit with them rest of them bitches and wait till jasmine v gives a Flying Fuc*

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s necessarry for everyone to bash on this 17 year old living her dream.
    Give her a break! she’s amazing.

  • natalia

    she wrote it to Justin I’m sure

  • paniuroczy

    she’s not interesting at all

  • KBsuckers

    i truly hate this girl.

  • Anonymous

    think its bout jelena1

  • Anonymous


  • Peace’n’Love


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  • Anonymous

    she is beautiful but all of her songs are so bad

  • Anonymous

    shes not that pretty without makeup and all the touch ups…shes not that talented either and she seems like a b….

  • Jasminator4Lyfe

    love her