Taylor Lautner, ‘I Love Britney Spears’

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  • bianca tomori

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    He would.

  • xtincta@aol.com

    LOVES IT!!!!!! Now I officially like him!

  • xxbehappyxx

    I love him, but now I am having a gay vibe from him . :P

  • xxbehappyxx

    iSarcasticING said:

    where is he now? He used to be the “it” guy…
    Selena dumped him. That meant the he was not the “it” guy anymore. :P

  • Anonymous

    he is soooooooooo hot,,,, <3 him

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    britney stans unite

  • xJonasXCandyx

    Ou why the hell are you blocking me again for no reason??

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  • iSarcasticING

    where is he now? He used to be the “it” guy…