Kevin Jonas CRASHED


Kevin Jonas clipped the wall in practice on Friday and finished 13th, but he was not phased. He told Sports Illustrated: ‘I could see myself falling in love with this for sure.’ Last year’s race ended up withcars and parts strewn out around the course like the remnants of a demolition derby.

  • MissMikylla

    I hate you,Oceanup! But I’ll keep checking you, anyway…

  • cosmika

    <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    hahah poor kevin I hope he is doin fine now, laughtin at this

  • Anonymous

    heart attack title much!

  • JoeHoe15

    nice title OU, nice title. Errrr!!!!! NO!!!!!!! :\

    I love you Kev!

  • Anonymous

    …wtf is that frankie?
    Is that frankie’s belly? o.o

  • Anonymous

    lucky him, he’s allowed to race and ruin millions of dollars worth of cars. Did he have to pay for any of the damages?

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    ou miss leading title

  • norma

    almost gave me a heart attack
    thankfully okay

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  • thedarksunshine

    Holy crap OceanUp, what up with the heart attack title? omg.


    Misleading title, as usual.

  • Anonymous

    Just like the game show he was on, he does pretty good!

  • Anonymous

    Wait Wait Wait…….
    I was worried about Kevin but now that I see he’s okay then, woo.
    But anyway, is that really Frankie’s belly??
    I guess he gained a few pounds O_o

  • Anonymous

    true reporting i was there, he did great. love him

  • Anonymous

    i heard kevin crashed but he actually finished 9th in the race yesterday not 13th and he finished 3rd amongst the celebrities on Friday. he did a great job a lot of the other racers said so and people watching said he was bad ass during the race – hitting other cars and just being aggressive. for the first six laps of the race he was in second place if he didn’t crash he probably would have placed much higher – but overall he did great! can’t wait to see him in the race next year. i love kev in his red suite – he looks hot!

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  • tessaskylar

    Oh OU gave me a heartattack with that title!!! Oh kevin

  • Anonymous

    is he dead now

  • Anonymous

    lmao. i thought he was hurt. –_-

  • WakaWakaEhEh


  • Anonymous

    NO he is NOT dead. Stupid comment -.-
    i’m glad he is having fun. The first day, he finished 3rd :)

  • Massie

    Oh thank God hes okay! Oceanup you gave me the biggest heart attack ever O_O

  • Peace’n’Love

    i almost had a heart attack

  • omgitsjoejonas

    he is flawless.
    when you said crashed my head was like “omg he flipped in the air and the car was totaled and kevin died -cry-” but i’m so glad he’s k <3