• xFireBomb

    Lol:) I love him <3

  • _leena

    O_O .. looooooool

  • PeaceLoveLife’

    awwww how cuteee <3

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    Awww <3 haha!
    those were the days… xD

  • Anonymous

    Awww look at Kelsie!!!!! I remember when you guys went to Tora’s and Nick was spazzing about the toothpick. Awww good times.

  • Anonymous

    Cousins… <3

    Hey Dana!

  • MissMikylla

    One of the few times we see Nick being being goofy…

  • Anonymous

    Hi!!!! You stalk oceanup too?! Haha


  • Anonymous

    Haha yep! Is Mathew still going to Rockwood?

  • Anonymous


  • taylorsromeo


  • Anonymous

    I hope so! It’s way better going to camp in PA! Best times ever!!

  • YouGoGlenCoco

    Soo cute :)

  • Anonymous

    who is that girl? what’s her nam?

  • Anonymous

    what a cuteneszs : )

  • Aria

    What kind of a smile is that?

    I love Nick but I mean….. SERIOUSLY???

  • back2december

    lol aweee nick jonas is the only one who can have a mullet and still be so cutee…

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  • JoickBelongs

    haha awww, my baby <333

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  • Anonymous

    frankie awww :)

  • Anonymous

    did he have bells paulsy

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Nick Nick Nick perfect!

  • Becca.

    LOL! Aw.

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    FIRST!!!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    LOLOLOL nick, I love you. who ever uploaded this picture, I love you too.

  • Anonymous

    billy rays #1 fan

  • tessaskylar

    lmfao saw this a while ago. I don’t think he purposely got a mullet, his hair grew in like that. Look at Frankie!!

  • briee

    forget the hair ! i love his facial expression <3

  • Anonymous

    Channeling his future dad lol



  • Anonymous

    hahaha cute