Savannah Next To You By Bieber & Brown

  • Anonymous

    i sing better than that….just saying.

  • Anonymous

    I dont think so, if you’re right then why dont you post videos on youtube and are getting famous as she is doing? -.-

  • xFireBomb

    Bieber & Brown? Nice… Lol. She has a nice voice, but you can tell that the song is too deep for her and her voice can’t go that low

  • addy

    amazing voice. she doesnt get enough credit bcuz shes not “main stream” stupid pop voice. oh yeah..and shes humble.

    doesnt cut it as a pop diva then huh?

  • Anonymous

    This girl is awesome, she has to be more famous than she is! #justsaying

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  • Sonny Bieber

    Ok, she’s Savannah… but why it’s next ‘Bieber & Brown’?? U really can’t write Justin Bieber & Chris Brown.? It looks weird…