David Archuleta RIBBON IN THE SKY

  • Jean

    That was gorgeous A Capella singing from David! Cannot get enough of his voice, love the soulful David and his Blog just made my day. Really looking forward to future concerts, he’s amazing.

  • ILoveDavidArchieForever

    BEAUTIFUL. That’s all I can say. I’m speechless! :)

  • Anonymous

    Love love love David. :)

  • Ruby in South Jordan

    Isn’t he just splendiferous? If you want to keep up with David, log on to http://www.fansofdavid.com — the best blog on the planet for all things DA!

  • Anonymous

    That is a sick a cappella performance . Why is this guy not a HUGE star yet??? Wow!

  • Justinsuglyglasses

    This is fantastic. Stevie Wonder songs are tough to sing. I think the downfall of the Jonas Brothers started when they did that disasterous duet with Stevie Wonder at the Grammys where Nick screwed up the lyrics. David did not get it perfect here but the soulfulness and depth in his voice was unreal. This is why David Archuleta does not have to “dance” like a monkey on stage,pretend to be a “tough guy” or get “surprised” by paps who take photos of him shirtless. This guy has real TALENT. That word is tossed around way too easily these days. The reality is that most people that Oceanup follows do NOT have real talent and owe their popularity to non-stop marketing. When that marketing disappears, they will also disappear. David will be around for years to come, trust me.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wow, that boy can SAAAANG! Love his new album “The Other Side of Down” too, sooooo good!

  • TrudyFOD

    Oh my gosh…David Archuleta’s latest vlog of him singing to the fans “Ribbon in The Sky” is amazing. He just blows me away how he takes time out of his day to just tweet he is going to do a version live and acapella of the song. And he songs sooooo good.

  • Miley- Demi -David A lover

    love this!

  • nicole

    OMG he has the most beautiful voice i ever heard
    I think it is time to show everyone who are you, you´re amazing!
    God bless you

  • Mari

    David is a true artist and deserves as the best no one as of late has his skilz to pull this off acapella Go David!

  • Anonymous

    David Archuleta has such an amazing voice!!

  • Anonymous

    He can sang! dang

  • Anonymous

    wow he’s so good

  • Anonymous

    LOVED HIMMM!!!!!!!!!

  • Cristee

    Sooooo beautiful.

  • AnonymousOne

    This boy can flat out sing! I love him and hope he finds success in his new ventures.

  • djafan

    David Archuleta I’m amazed by you! Thank you so much for this. Can’t wait to see you back on a stage. Genuine talent!

  • Anonymous

    DAVID IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trish

    That was FANTASTIC!!!

  • Anonymous

    seriously?? OU you haven’t posted all day and this is what you post?? wow…

  • bluesfan3410

    I forgot all about him…