Lucy Hale, ‘I Drive A Prius’


Lucy Hale told E! News: ‘I drive a Prius. I love my Prius.

I’ve had for two-and-a-half years. It’s how I’m doing my little part.’

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    she’s the prettier version of selena gomez

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    i think selenas prettier… and im not a selena fan.

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    cool story bro , tell it again

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    Ugh,rich girl can’t buy an American vehicle.Thanks for putting American’s out of Jobs untalented over-paid Hollywood beeyotch.

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    so do i

  • milenator

    okay that’s good
    and she looks pretty lol

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    It’s possible that she does care about the environment but not everyone can process/store information so easily or knows everything that another does, etc. so she probably just doesn’t know that, but it’s no ACTUAL reflection on how much she cares for the environment.

    Sometimes we really want to do something but then days or weeks later we realize we’ve been going about it wrong. And although something may make perfect sense to you, it may not be that clear to another-they might need more explaining, which can happen to the best of us!

  • AtlanticSpirit

    Another smug Prius owner. If she really cared about the environment she would’ve gotten a pre-owned smaller car since that will actually result in less carbon being produced in the long run (think of all the resources they use to make a new Prius, it’s more environmentally friendly to get a used car)

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    This is a pointless post

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    No it’s not! Here is how oceanup works:
    Lucy Hale was mistaken for Selena Gomez. So now every little thing that Lucy says is VERY important!!!!!!11111

    (oh yeah and we’re supposed to compare their cars.)
    Dumb? Yes. Brilliant of oceanup? Yes!!1

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    …who cares xd

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    Good for her…
    she looks pretty in that pic.