Demi Lovato Gave Travis Clark A Tattoo

  • Anonymous

    Hey my video!!!…love Travis <3

  • Anonymous


  • staystrongdemi

    Hahaha aw he’s adorable. And I want Demi to tattoo me, no matter how bad she is.

  • Anonymous

    aww this is so cute, i love travis!

  • Anonymous

    did he say lamas jumping over fence?! haha love it<3

  • Bren

    He seems so sweet.

  • Anonymous

    I was there. He is always sweet.

  • Anonymous

    wait, what did demi tattoo on him? :) he seems really sweet and funny!!

  • Anonymous

    I love the fact you know who charles is….. CTFXC FTW!!

  • kayla

    when he said “whats up charles, my phone got stolen” was he talking to charles trippy?!

  • Anonymous


  • ilovelife

    wow.. dirty but cool

  • Anonymous

    Love demi!

  • kattt.

    I LOVEEEEE WTK/Travis and he is adorable.
    I think Demi and him should hang out again. :(

  • My_Bench_Stupid_Hobo

    Awww He’s so cute

  • Anonymous


  • MuffinsAreEvil

    He seems like a great kid.

  • Anonymous