Emma Roberts Rory Culkin NYLON MAG


Emma Roberts & Rory Culkin featured in Nylon Mag. Emma on Nickelodeon: ‘I loved that part of my life. & A lot of people that were on Disney or Nickelodeon bash it afterwards. And I just think, That’s what got you your start! And also, from my experience, it was so fun. It was the calm before the storm..

..If you make the transition [as an actor] in the same way that you’re transitioning in real life, you’ll be fine. It’s when you’re 16 and you’re trying to play a 20-year-old hitchhiking stripper that people are gonna give you a hard time.’

  • Anonymous

    He’s Macaulay Culkin’s brother.

  • Anonymous

    He’s ugly? wow you all must be blind then..

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    Rory so its a guy??? Of course I knew that but you really had to look hard at the pictures. Not good to wear your hair long with such a feminine face.

  • Anonymous

    you bitches are crazy. he’s gorgeous. :)
    stop looking at butt-faced bieber.

  • Anonymous

    he’s HOT.
    a lot better than ugly zac efron or horrible justin bieber.
    and emma’s so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Why do they keep making films together?

  • Anonymous

    i really dont think shes that pretty, alot of other actresses are pretty then her. i dont see why shes so successful.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ah emma roberts seems like she is really smart with a good head on her shoulders. im glad she appreciates where she got her start and seems to be aging well and taking parts appropriate for her. good for her!

    and yeah rory is fugs but hes a caulkin. they’re whole fam got beat twith the fugly stick.

  • Anonymous

    her clothes are sooo grosss on the cover, ewww

  • Anonymous

    the culkins are so cute!

  • Anonymous


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  • Ella-JJHoe

    he is kinda weird but no like a cute weird…she looks fine!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    haha i love her quote!

  • Ranii

    wow he an ugly mo’fo.

  • Anonymous

    eww who is he?? hes really ugly.

  • Anonymous

    What are you guys talking about, he’s soooo cute!


  • back2december

    hes in scream 4 with emma :)

  • Riddikulus

    Ah scream 4 guy

  • YouGoGlenCoco

    Rory Culkin = ewww.