Debby Ryan Talks About Her NEW HAIR!

  • Anonymous

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  • starlightheartx

    I’m excited for her new show, it sounds good! :)

  • Anonymous

    Ariana Grande.. *cough cough*

  • Anonymous

    who is that annoying girl?

  • BBV

    … I still don’t like it on her.
    Like, I love that hair color… being one to sport it myself..
    I just don’t like it on HER.
    I feel like it’s to bright, Dx

  • Anonymous

    she looked better with light brownish/dirty blonde hair

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She’s the shit.
    And her hair is sexy.


    That girl is REAL. call her fake then I’m sry girlie but u suck at telling

  • SarahJoeJonas

    Interviewer: “YOUR HAIR!”
    Debby: “Thank you!”

    Hahahahahahah love this girl!

  • Anonymous

    the “new” hair is form early 2011

  • Anonymous

    Debby is one of those people who can pull off any hair color. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

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