JoJo Jumping Trains Album PROMO PIX


Promo pictures for JoJo‘s new album Jumping Trains!

  • Anonymous

    Give the girl a chance!!

  • Anonymous

    This girl/woman has legitimate talent. I look forward to hearing her album.

  • Anonymous

    Her hair is gonna be black this whole era. Get over it!

  • starlightheartx

    She’s so pretty. <3 Oh my gosh I remember like probably 4 years ago I got a magazine (probably M or Tiger Beat) and it said something about JoJo being petite – no kidding! She’s like so small! Anyway, I <3 the outfit, like it better without the jacket, personally. :)

  • cenia3003

    Yaaay im glad she fixed the issues w/ her crooked label. Until her album comes out I’ll still bump her mixtape Can’t Take That Away From Me!!!

  • starlightheartx

    Oh, and I haven’t heard anything about her for SOOOOO long so this is cool she’s coming out with a new album!

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    Cannot wait :D I wish she dyed her hair back to her natural hair color thouqh..


    go blond, jojo.

  • Anonymous

    Shes so tiny!

  • sayhellotogoodbye

    She’s trying WAY to hard. No loving the black hair….
    However, she looks very pretty. Good to see her back.

  • Anonymous


  • JustBreathe.

    yessss shes finally back missed and love her !!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    if u were a true fan, then you would know that she released a free mixtape months ago, which is awesome! so she hasn’t been far away from the music scene, just the mainstream scene (which contains a whole load of crappy music).
    old school music FTW

    go JoJo!! :D

  • Anonymous

    How is she trying to hard? Quit hating! Love you JoJo! F**K the haters!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • TeamJoJo

    TOO ALL JOJO HATERS: You all will soon become fans when her New album Jumping Trains comes out! JoJo looks hot and edgy.

  • Anonymous

    Loving the grown up look! Its time for JoJo to get rid of those Teeny bopper fans. Go JoJo! #TheOtherChick