Demi Lovato SMARTER After Breakdown


Demi mentioned in Danish magazine ‘Her And Nu.’ Smarter After Breakdown: ‘I am giving myself loads of freedom and I am having peace with myself now, says 18 year old Demi Lovato, whom got a nervous breakdown..

..last and has been in treatment. You have rights to feel exactly like you do, and to do what makes you happy. It has become my life motto, she says.‘ Thanks @SparklingDemi!

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  • Anonymous

    you tryin to be down yall WAS bestfriends yawn that

  • iSarcasticING


  • biggest fan!!!

    you to are such good friends

  • Everythingyournot

    love her even though i didnt read anything

  • Anonymous21

    Is this an old pic in this mag or no?

  • wavy

    um ok wtf….did she even say that..

  • Anonymous

    this is from seventeen….

  • Demiandmileylove

    Uehhm , i don’t get what this is , serious ? i love Demi but uehhm what does this mean ?

  • Anonymous