So Random Premiere June 5 @ 8:30 PM


Are YOU going to watch So Random even though Demi is gone?

  • Anonymous

    This Show will face the same fate as AS THE BELL RINGS, AARON STONE, and so many other Chessy Disney shows.

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  • Anonymous

    No I’m not going to watch it Demi made that program without her it’s not even interesting

  • Anonymous

    uhm idk i guess i wil lsee how it is

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  • xLovaticsx

    noooo… hell no more…

  • ?Mindless_Jay?

    The Musical Guest Is Mindless Behavior.! I Freakin Love Mindless Behavior Especially Roc Royal! Look Em Up If You Dont Know Who They Are! Theyre Really Hot! L0L && Yeah Id Watch Cuz I Love That Show So Much! ?

  • Anonymous

    i dont think so..

  • DemiForPresident

    Are YOU going to watch So Random even though Demi is gone?


  • A Stemi Fan


    P.S: I wish Demi will atleast guest at so random…

  • AnonymousEeE

    I’ll watch when Selenas episode comes on…but will not watch regularly unless its good.

  • milenator

    probably not
    well Im curious what the intro will look like LOL

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    it won’t be the same without demi, but i’ll still watch it

  • Anonymous

    Ill watch the first one maybe. it will not be the same

  • Anonymous21

    Might give it a chance.. I think Chad n Tawni are gonna hook up. lol

  • LetsJumpTheSun


  • LovaticsHardCore

    i wont watch it for sure !!! and Brandon Smith is so mean ! He unfollow Demi’s twitter since she went to rehab and didnt tweet anything about her ..and seem like He’s so proud for “So Random” i Hate Him right now .

  • Anonymous


  • wavy

    nah im good..disney is shit ive been done with that channel for a while now….

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nah, I won’t watch this without Demi. She was the only reason I watched it at all.

  • nownlaterz

    I’ll give it a chance, that’s for sure. But I can sorta see the show getting cancelled after this season..

  • Anonymous

    I never watched with Demi much less gonna watch it without her…

  • Anonymous

    ill see how it is

  • diane n.

    probably not. i barely watched it when she was on the show.

  • nobody_cares

    i don’t know… maybe

  • iSarcasticING

    Nobody is gonna watch this show anymore.

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    Am I the only person who didn’t find SWAC funny?

  • LovatoLoveXO

    Maybe, I’ll attempt to watch it so i don’t have a biased opinion

  • Ashe Cyrus Jonas

    diane n. said:

    probably not. i barely watched it when she was on the show.

    same here