Kristen Stewart ADOPTS A DOG


Kristen Stewart took her new adopted dog Bear for a walk during a rainy day in the East Village. Sam Claflin, pictured below, has landed the role of the prince in ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ opposite Kristen. Photos: Flynet.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Rob’s dog.

  • Anonymous

    fyi its robs dog too

  • HarryFreakinPotter


  • Anonymous

    Kristen didn’t adopt it, Rob did. They share the dog!

  • Malak

    It Looks like it was stray cuz of it’s color.. any way glad that she saved it :) Hah but it’s Ugly

  • Anonymous

    It’s Rob’s dog. He’s promoting Water For Elephants so she is watching it. And that guy hasn’t landed the role in the movie. Chris Hemsworth is in talks.

  • Anonymous

    he’s so cute!!! but it’s so funny cause the poor dog looks scared! aww dnt worry! K stew’s gotcha! :] lol

  • AmandaDS07

    yeah geez. looks like he is being dragged. :S

  • Anonymous

    lol that pic looks like shes abusing him…lol
    probably wil be treated better at the adoption place

  • Anonymous

    intresting color, hes cute though.

  • sarah

    its not kristen,s dog its robert,s dog

  • careygold

    Kristen Stewart is favorite and dog is really lucky because she adopt the dog.

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  • Anonymous

    I love her and I’m so happy she’s not cookie cutter like most of the Disney girls.

  • Sunshine n Lolipops

    Cute dog… he’s like “Hold up Mom, your walking too fast”

  • Anonymous

    Haha creative name bear! Lol but he’s cute!

  • Anonymous

    Adorable!!! Both of them. Poor Bear would be dead now if they did not adopt him! They saved his life. He is so cute and very lucky to have found his new home.

  • Anonymous

    looks like she’s pullong on him.. rawr.

  • Anonymous


  • ilovepeacock2

    Kristen<3 Ugh I love her.
    that's so great that she adopted the dog.

  • Anonymous

    Yay finally a KStew post!Love ya kristen!! idk y ppl hate her, stupid haters dont even know her yet act like they do

  • Anonymous

    Awww! Jacob … JK.

  • LucyWhite

    Careful yanking the dog dear!

  • Anonymous

    Aw the dog looks as if he was neglected, luckly kristen will look after it he’s soo cute! :)

  • Untouchable


  • SmashHeadonKeyboard

    cute dog!!!