David Archuleta, ‘Indonesia Here I Come!’

  • Anonymous

    Indonesia has been so great and supportive. I’m so happy they are finally getting a concert.

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  • Anonymous

    I think Miley is either too relevant or misleading little kids like you since all the parents hate her. Sooo irrelevant!!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for David Archuleta’s next album. I will always be his fan, now and forever. The rest of the no-talents do not interest me.

  • zhifeiti0456
  • hollyre

    David Archuleta’s live concerts are amazing! Best live singer out there and so much fun. I’ve been to many of David’s concerts and can’t wait to go to more, although Asia is a bit far for me, lol.

  • ninah

    Indonesian fans are sooo lucky! I hope one day he comes to Brazil too! I´m a huge fan, David is the best!

  • Anonymous

    Very happy for David and happy for the Indonesian fans! I know they have been waiting in anticipation to see David. David will be doing other concerts too. He is a fantastic artist in his own right, best singer out there and an awesome human being. He has so many fans all over the world. Go David!

  • Anonymous

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  • heyyy49

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  • JoeHoe15

    Awesome dude! Please come back to the Philippines, David! ;)

  • sara

    Lucky Indonesian fans!!!!
    When are you going to have a concert here in Illinois, David?

  • Justinsuglyglasses

    Hope he does a U.S. tour soon.

  • milenator

    he gotten so irrelevant…
    he needs to make a new record or catchy single or something

  • sarah

    I can tell what you care. Talentless Disney singers and Disney shows!! Their names last only when they are on Disney channel. Tweenies and teens grow up and move on, and Disney stars fade.

  • iSarcasticING


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    At least david has talent, he’s amazing unlike those disney people oceanup posts

  • Anonymous

    iSarcasticING said:



    if you don’t care then why did you post?

    david is a BILLION times talented than ANYONE in the music industry right now. at least he doesn’t have to use auto tone to sound good

  • Anonymous

    he’s so cute <3 best american idol ever

  • Angel !!!!!!

    no he’s not im not even going to lie he’s not even cute you just saying that because he famous

  • Anonymous

    wow david is honestly the nicest person ever. i’m glad I have good taste <3 he’s incredible

  • Anonymous

    Yaaaaay!!!! i’m not from Indonesia , but he looks so happy and i’m excited for him!! He has been waiting for this as much as his Indonesian fans! Way to go Asian Archies! Y’all deserve it!!!