Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery, Chin Implant


Bristol Palin showed offer her new chin implant @ Candie’s Foundation Benefit.

Credit: Gawker, WENN. Would YOU or have you had plastic surgery?

  • Anonymous

    well, almost every big hollywood star has done plastic surgerys. but I dont get it.. they’ve money and then they’re doing surgerys.. it’s like they’re getting famous because they wanted plastic surgerys. smh all of these hollywood crap make me sick. talentless people are getting famous. lol seriously where are the real stars ? like tina turner, elvis presley, stevie wonder, cindy lauper etc. smh

  • Anonymous

    omg girl this fucked u up im sorry it doesnt work u were so pretty u is not workin it now

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    Ew. ;/
    She’s really irrelevant.
    Why did OU post about her again?

  • Anonymous

    it looks like she just lost a lot of weight to me…

  • Anonymous

    she looks somuch cter with the fuller face now she looks like a fake plastic barbie doll plus the chin is way to long go back to the fuller face you looked way more hotter

  • Anonymous

    she looks way more better with a fuller face

  • Anonymous

    She probably just had Orthognathic Surgery. It’s not a big deal.

  • Anon


  • Anonymous347

    she looked better before

  • Anonymous

    she looked better with the fuller face

  • Anonymous

    i would never have plastic surgery

  • 9maria91

    If she likes it, good for heer.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like she just lost weight in her face to me but who knows.

  • Brisket

    Poor thing, she should have saved her abstinence $$$ and gone to college. She looks like a cougar with plastic surgery now. This is what happens when Joan Rivers and Jay Leno mate. Sad she can’t stand her real self. Worse than Levi – she’s gone Hollywood.

  • milenator

    why’d u post her OU? w/e

  • Stella

    I think she looks really good!

  • Anonymous

    she kind of looked better before..

  • omg wtf lolz

    Has she lost weight or sumfing?