Taylor Swift Donating Dress Rehearsal $$


Taylor Swift is selling tickets to the last dress rehearsal in Nashville for ‘Speak Now’ tour & is donating all the proceeds to those affected by last month’s deadly tornadoes in the South. Taylor: ‘I was watching the coverage of the tornadoes

backstage at rehearsals, and I wanted to do something for the families affected by the damage. I’ve never opened a rehearsal to the public before, but I felt that inviting my fans to the last rehearsal for the ‘Speak Now’ tour would be a great

way to raise money. We will probably still be doing some fine-tuning to the show that night, since this will be a true rehearsal, but I feel like it is so important for me and my fans to help if we can.’

  • Anonymous M

    does anyone know where i can find a full picture of the dress shes wearing

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    She looks so pretty! :D

  • dianaa-

    she looks so pretty in the main picture
    great idea. :D

  • ClaireMichelle

    Such an incredible idea.

  • jonascontrolme

    good idea

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn’t she just donate her trillions of dollars :/ it’s nice what’s she doing but she makes millions and millions of dollars she could just host a free concert for everyone and donate the money herself.

  • Anonymous

    How do you know how much she is or isn’t donating?

  • milenator

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    stop spamming your shit!