Justin Bieber, ‘I’m As Sick As A Dog’


  • Peace’n’Love

    sorry justin i heard you threw up on stage

  • Jane.in.Sane
  • Mrs.Bieber

    He LOVES his fans!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!God he’s a trooper!If I was there I would have felt bad the WHOLE time that he was perfoming for us and he was sick!!!!I guess it would have put him behind with all the other places he had to go to!Who know’s I am sure there r MANY reason why he did not,he’s staff tried to get him to not do it!

  • Disco.Is.Dead

    justin stop.
    hes sick and going around Japan
    Hope everything goes well <3

  • iriswww

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  • Anonymous


  • JoeHoe15

    Some sources even said that he is vomiting backstage but still continued the concert. That’s what a real performer is like!

    Even if they cut the concert, I know that Filipino Beliebers still enjoyed the concert. (:

    Get well soon Justin. ^^ Thank you for making your Filipino fans’ dream came true.

  • Jane.in.Sane

    Why can’t he be as sick as a CAT or a FLAMINGO??? Don’t know about flamingos but my cat pukes everyday so it makes sense…lol