Kevin drinking a Slurpee outside Casa Del Mar hotel in Santa Monica. Flynet.

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  • kylee~

    ugh i love him so much SO SEXY UNF

  • nownlaterz

    OHAI KEVIN ;) lol he looks great :)

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    May 10, 2011 @ 07:43 pm
    misskevinjonas said:
    so hotttttt!!!


  • Disco.Is.Dead

    kevin jonas…sexy?
    but hes been looking better recently

  • Anonymous21

    He seems to be changing I guess that’s what marriage does to a man , but for the better. xD

  • TheOne

    #ThingsThatDontGoTogether “Kevin Jonas” and “Sexy”

  • cosmika

    :O So Hot!!

  • Anonymous

    is anne here

  • Anonymous

    Unpopular opinon: i find him more attractive than Nick or Joe…….

  • JoeHoe15

    Keviiiiin… (with Joe’s voice when he was a little boy)

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  • misskevinjonas

    so hotttttt!!!

  • jonascontrolme

    yes , he is so sexy

  • Anonymous

    “sexy” and kevin jonas should never be in the same title. just saying.

  • Anonymous

    Are YOU jealous of Danielle and that straw?

  • JustinBieberWarrior

    he looks fatter

  • gabrielleljonas

    he is gorgeously, ah-mazing.

    i love you kev j <3

  • Anonymous

    whoooo caresss EWW N ZZZZZzz…..

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  • kimpossiblekilledphineas


  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, I really like the Jonas Brothers and all, but Kevin is so not sexy or hot in these pics, he just looks to feminine! :S

  • Irday

    whoooo caresss EWW N ZZZZZzz…..

  • Anonymous

    That’s no slurpee thats jamba juice

  • Anonymous

    Not so unpopular now (still is but you know what I mean). It’s a well known fact that married guys, because of some reason having to do with biology, are more attractive to females.

  • StarLightSTARbright

    Lol oh god dnw ever

  • S.Kj2

    He´s the one that I want, he looks so terribly hot and whhat I like the most is that HE’S ALONE HE’S NOT HANGING OUT with Danielles wich is amazing :)

  • Anonymous

    kevin without danielle????… does they break up already?

  • Anonymous

    Most guys don’t hang out with their wives wherever they go lol. My parents
    have been married 21 years and definitely hang out without each other
    just because they have different things they want to do or need to get

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  • Anonymous

    He looks really feminine

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    Hello, I would like to sell you a bed. Wanna try it with me?. WTF. ¿? …

    what is this comment, whatever. I love you sexy.

  • Anonymous

    Aww, nooo. He’s starting to lose his hair. :( I’m not surprised though. Most guys after college age not counting grad school start to have the first signs of losing hair.

  • w

    You go strutting around LA, Kevin coco, looking all unmarried and shit.

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  • Anonymous

    Lol he looks funny :P