• Massie

    Hes grown into such a handsome young man :’)
    now take your shirt off nick!

  • Anonymous

    He’s working so hard and taking his time for make good music. The next jo bro album is gonna be awesome

  • Anonymous

    its funny how nick is alwayss working as a producer/composer/songwriter for others and then joe and kevin are just doing nothing..
    and joe’s solo album will most likely flop.

  • Anonymous

    He wrote a classical (environmental) score. Which just means you pull from the film cinematography or in this case from the computer generated world to create music that is styled to fit. You can hear some of the pieces on YouTube. Wow! The guy has some insane talent to pull that off, seriously. There are people who make a living off just writing scores…Nick takes in on for the first time and instantly hits the mark. That’s talent!

  • Anonymous

    Nick has made a name for himself already as a Producer/Songwriter. He’s in the studio again today with the Veronica’s. Now we find out about this “score” that he wrote. What else has Nick been up to?

    I hope he keeps it up because that kid is going to win a grammy. In fact, I’ll lay bets that he’ll earn a lot more than that in his career.

  • JoeHoe15

    WHOA Nicholas!!!!! You’re so awesome!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He’s so cute :0 ! <3

  • JustinBieberWarrior

    i dont really get his appeal. just wanted to say that *hides and waits for the tomatoes*

  • Anonymous

    So talented :O

  • Anonymous

    Why are you so talented and good looking Nicholas Jerry Jonas? It’s not fair that I can’t have you.

  • Gearsarealwaysturning


  • <33333


    well, that’s because you are a justin bieber fan. it’s a jonas thing-we don’t expect you to understand.

  • tessaskylar

    i dont really get his appeal. just wanted to say that *hides and waits for the tomatoes*
    Well, I have been in band for several years and I have been musically involved since I was 6 and one of the hardest things to write is classical music. The color and harmony HAS to fit. And to see a pop singer like Nick create that is appealing. The Jonas’s sound and Bieber’s sound are the simplest that music can be.

  • Anonymous

    Justinbeiberwarrior, the appeal comes the many talents that nick has and the person he is. Not everything is about looks, although I do think he is adorable, but it is who is and what he does that made me like him in the first place….