Vanessa Hudgens @ Calvin Klein Event


Nessa @ Calvin Klein Event during the Cannes Film Festival in France.

  • xGottaLoveOU?


  • Anonymous

    ive never liked her even when she was with zac,

    she’s a fake bitch.

  • Anonymous

    The directories for Malaysia Fashion and review at

  • LucyWhite

    Really nice :)

  • Anonymous

    The girl is pretty

  • Anonymous

    her dress looks like an animal urinated all over her.

  • BBV

    fjdlafad. I love the yellow on her. :D
    She looks beautiful as always.

  • Anonymous

    Calvin Klein is looking great in yellow dress, they done a great work in Women in Independent movie. Calvin Klein is one of my favorite

  • Anonymous

    according to hwoodpartygirl on twitter (works with E)

    vanessa is moving to new york city?

    why? who knows.

  • Anonymous

    That dress color reminds me of pee.Gross.

  • Anonymous

    ever sense she broke up with zac i havent like her’s like way too hobish its kindof trashy like her heels..eww

  • Anonymous

    This is not just any event. It’s the “Women in Independent Film” event. And it is really an honor for Vanessa to be invited. Also, she will be a presenter.

  • milenator

    She’s so stunning

  • jadaxonickj

    Purtyy :)