Allstar Weekend Rock Union New Jersey

  • Amy

    I love Allstar Weekend! Cameron<3

  • YouGoGlenCoco


  • Haley mikesell

    Ohh….I think zach should … Not get a haircut ;)

  • Anonymous

    Haha this is nice :-). I like these guys because they seems so much like the 5 guys you knew in high school that wanted to be famous musicians. The lead singer has a really nice voice live.

  • Anonymous

    just get a hair cut zach then youll look great.

  • Anonymous

    theyre sooo good! i really like them!

  • Anonymous

    Zachary… Get a haircut please? I would much appreciate it. But not too much! Perhaps like in the Different Side Of Me video? That was very attractive<3

  • Anonymous

    yes his hair now is way too long, and he looks weird

  • Anonymous

    They are not five anymore they are just four.

    Happy Birthday Nate!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love Allstar Weekend! They are the cutest sweetest guys ever.

  • partyinlikeitsnotmybirthday

    luv luv luv it!!!these dudes amaze me

    …just sayin

  • Gabby

    Oh my god, first video is love<3 whoever has that camera is awesome. I just fell in love with them all over again. Is it me or did they seem perfect? So adorable. I love them :)

  • audrey

    what was the name of the other band that was there selling CDs?????