Taylor Swift & Ellen Help Tornado Victims

  • Anonymous

    haha love them !!!

  • Anonymous

    Why does she hang out with a lesbian go be on someone else talk show who is actually funny.

  • jonsparker01

    I am also a huge fan of Taylor and love her lot of music. I’ve whole music album collection of Taylor music and too want that She will be callback in Upcoming seasons and we can enjoy this cast song and drama stuffs in Glee episodes.

  • Krissgale

    She really looks so hot. I love her and waiting for some new music album of her.

    I also wanna see her in Glee Episodes upcoming season 3.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor is so pretty! Her hair looks really dark though.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor looks beautiful! It’s lovely for such a busy celebrity to always help charities so often! Good on you Taylor!

  • Anonymous

    is jus me or taylor dyed her hair?lol

  • ceeeral

    i was just about to say that..