Chilean Miley Cyrus SEMI FINALS


  • Anonymous

    umm she cant sing!!! and she speaks very bad english

  • milenator

    in the 2nd video do those fans actually think she’s Miley -__-

  • lolie

    Ewww, she can’t sing at all :/
    But she’s really pretty! She does look like Miley ! :O

  • Vania

    Really! stop the hate, Why you people don’t realize that she’s working really hard, I bet most of you american people or people who speak english, can’t even pronounce something in spanish . She can’t sing, We all know that, but she’s working hard, SHE DOES LOOK LIKE MILEY! …You’re all fans of Miley, Cata it’s a fan too. I’m not. but just think if you were a Miley fan, trying to honor your idol. how do you feel, with all that people hating on you?


  • Delilah_Marie

    LOL WHAT IS THIS /sobs

  • jazzie

    Wut? xD

  • Anonymous

    this is the miley alive post?

  • Anonymous

    She looks like miley a lot! :| But she can’t sing…. :/

  • Anonymous

    i think if she was singing in spanish she would sound much better. she’s too focused on pronouncing the english words correctly, and focusing less on her pitch. there are moments when her voice sounds great, which makes me think that she actually does have a good voice.
    it’s scary how much she looks like miley though, especially while she’s singing 7 things! that’s crazy!

  • Anonymous

    ella tiene mucho parecido fisico, pero cantando lo hace pésimo.

  • nesrine

    Is this really Miley Cyrus?
    she can’t sing !!!
    is this really Miley Cyrus?
    Is this really Miley Cyrus?


    Dejen de molestar a la cata con que No canta y que habla mal ingles por que no es perfecta y
    ustedes que hablan INGLES se les debe hacer muy difícil cantar en español a ver si les gustaría que le dijeran y las molestaran por del idioma!
    déjense de JODER!



    (Yo soy CHILENA?)

  • Anonymous

    Wow se parece mucho, y el fisico es igual :- pero cantando :s no tiene buena voz.

  • Anonymous

    NO sabe cantar pero se parece mucho me impresione lol

  • Anonymous

    That was terrible !

  • sweetcarolinex

    … She sucked. End of story.

  • Karla

    No mames, culona. Escribe eso en ingles, bien que sabes que no te entiden no? Esa perra NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sabe cantar ;)
    enserio -.- NO SABE CANTAR! Canta horrible, asi qe te humillas sola apoyandola we neta :_

  • Anonymous

    her singing is really flat and her accent is super heavy… she’s a pretty girl though so at least she’s got that going.

  • Anonym!!!ous

    ehh , not to be rude, but that girl should just … SHUT UP!

  • Anonymous

    Ocean up.
    New nick jonas post Please
    He has a new girl friend.-.-

  • blabla

    holy shit, this girl can’t sing but she looks like miley in some parts of the video oO

  • Anonymous

    She looks like Miley but the color of her eyes is fake, you can see the black line very easy. And she can’t sing, she can’t even pronunciate well.

  • Anonymous

    wow, she can’t even speak english!
    but she looks like her though

  • Itsacrossroads:3


  • nobody_cares

    my parents and i, saw the show yesterday, now my parents thinks that the real miley sings like that

  • Anonymous

    She’s Beautiful, but she sings terrible!!!

  • milenator

    she kinda looks like Miley

    I wonder when Miley was in Chile she heard about her

  • Laura

    I’m embarrassed for her :/

  • Anonymous

    I want to hear ALL OF YOU singing in spanish, i bet you can’t say a word, stop being such a bitches. Some of us who speak spanish, try really hard to speak english, we study english. And you? Nothing, not a word in spanish. So shut the fuck up, this girl is trying pretty hard. And yes, she looks like Miley.

  • Anonymous

    she cant sing!

  • Anonymous

    She look like miley but cant sing do us a favour and dont sing again please you have prob disgraced miley

  • JustxLeex

    She cant sing at all! Ew no.
    But she looks like miley in some parts of the video & wtf, why is she playing w her hair? :L

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    This girl should really work on her english pronunciations if she wants to be a singer. You can barely hear what she sings sometimes.

  • ADarkLandIsSomewhereIBelong

    Fuck, she looks like Miley a lot. O_O But she needs to work on her singing and stop playing with her hair. She’s pretty though.

  • misscherie13

    she might looks like her but actually she can’t sing and speak a good english!

  • ADarkLandIsSomewhereIBelong

    Bitches gone mad. Lmfao.

  • Anonymous

    why is she still there? the girl can’t sing.

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