Vanessa Hudgens Late Night In Cannes


Vanessa Hudgens and a friend headed to their hotel after a very late night out in Cannes! They were spotted sitting on the stairs of the nightclub in the exclusive French resort. The stumbling pair decided to head back to their hotel, leaving at 4:15 AM. Photos: PacificCoastNews.

  • Anonymous

    oceanup u have posted bg5 b4 vanessas friend is laura new of bg5 uve posted them several times together and have labled laura as friend just thought it would be cool for u guys to know who she is so u can post appropratley for ur fans and followers as were all so excited to see not only vanessa but laura and them together!! thanks

  • Anonymous

    laura my girl5! we know who she is but oceanup doesnt and cant place her not impressed

  • Anonymous

    she looks a bit drunk?

  • Anonymous

    She’s so pretty. Haters stop hating.

  • Anonymous

    so beautifull:)lol

  • Anonymous

    I really hate vanessa
    She thinks she’s cute well too bad she is so not

  • Megan

    Miss. New !! Yay beautiful pics of Laura and Vanessa having an incredible time for sure! Amazing ladies <3

  • BBV

    She looks so cute..

    I’m so glad that she was invited to all of these events, it’s an honor for her.
    And she looks like she’s having a great time with Laura. :3

  • KimKardashianKisses

    I Love Vanessa she is my home girl but she dresses like a Native American i think this girl lives in a teepee P.S DEAR HATERS Leave my Home Girl Alone I Support Her

  • Anonymous

    Laura New from BG5!

    Must agree,I don’t like Vanessa.She can’t act or sing.Her hair is nice…and her style is ok….other than that…..