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  • Anonymous69

    Woah she got really long extensions. I guess she wants to do her hair more like Bella.

  • blabla

    I actually like her lol never thought I would say this after seeing bella thorne…

  • Everythingyournot

    She rubbing off on me. lol

  • TheOne

    shes so pretty! even when she’s not trying.
    I love her! give her her own category!

  • Takes1toKno1

    did she even need them? =/

  • kaygirl

    aww she’s cute, hope she does well! i actually think she’s really pretty, and shes so young, wth i had an awkward stage at that age! so not fair :p it’s like shes not trying too hard like her costar. which is good, but definitely keep the wavy hair. straight is a nono.

  • Anonymous

    ummm she is def better than bella!!! i <3 Zendaya because she’s sweet and acts her age unlike bella thorne who is fake and acts way 2 old bella thorne STUFFS HER BRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    to the people being rude, if you dont care about her then why click on her post and take the time to comment on it?

    I like her shes cute and pretty!

  • Anonymous

    shes pretty and loox sweet i hope shes readin this and to the haterz dont even bother commentin get a life love u ZENDAYA??peace

  • CuTeMuSic

    she should have her own catagory.. just sayin’.. anyways, i think she’s better than Bella?

  • Anonymous21

    Okay Zendaya I’m starting to like you more than Bella. Not a fan yet, but getting there.

  • Andrea

    i’m glad she acts like a girl her age, not like OTHERS …..

  • Anonymous

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  • dinameana

    who cares who u like better..why is this relevant on OU? who cares about some kid getting free braces?

  • Anonymous

    i like bella more personally but either way who cares about invisalign?

  • dinameana

    who cares who u like better..why is this relevant on OU? who cares about some kid getting free braces?

  • Anonymous

    is she famous?

  • Anonymous


  • Demiandmileylove

    The babby pic is cute … but i don’t like her or anything !!

  • ImNotAnnoying


  • Anonymous

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  • Nadz___

    Does she tweet EVERYTHING? Hmm…still love her

  • Sunshine n Lolipops

    I like her, she is cute and sweet and I hope doesn’t get her heart and soul ripped out by the Disney machine

  • memiftw

    cause that is really what i wanted to know ou. a little kid needs braces. cool.

  • Anonymous

    don’t care.

  • Anonymous

    OU we could care less about these little so called new disney stars.