Brenda Song WALKING W/ A Male Friend


Actress Brenda Song looking stylish wearing large gold cross earrings, Native American inspired dress and animal print scarf while walking with a male friend in Los Angeles. Photos: PacificCoastNews.

  • milenator

    Brenda! :)

  • Megan

    Definately Spencer Breslin. Get with it Oceanup!

  • Anonymous

    how can they not tell that it’s spencer breslin? i mean really hahah

  • Anonymous

    it is Spencer Breslin and today is his Birthday.
    Happy Birthday Spencer!

  • Anonymous

    pretty sure that’s Spenser Breslin

  • Anonymous

    That’s Spencer Breslin.

  • suckit

    Her and Trace make a cute couple. I find it cute when the girl is a lot shorter than the guy.

  • Anonymous

    definitely spencer breslin, check your facts before you post OU

  • Anonymous

    spencer breslin and he’s smokin a cig.

  • mandypanda

    Kinda cool that they’ve kept contact after so long. I still remember when The Ultimate Christmas Present came out!

  • Andreiita

    I think he’s an actor.. He was in that movie with Bruce Willis “The Kid” or something.

  • Anonymous

    oh my gosh he was in that disney movie were that guy from even steaves wished his little brother was gone…

  • Andreiita

    He’s Spencer Breslin!

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